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Information on how to enter the room of Tagomori no Akari Oyado

Please check before check-in

1.About the available areas
The inside of the gate is the area occupied by the customer.
Please refrain from BBQ and fireworks outside the gate.

2.About Parking lot
The space in front of the gate of the inn is a parking space for loading and unloading. “Glamping” and “Camp Theater” customers will also use it, so please move your car to the parking space notified in advance after you have finished carrying in and out of the carry-in. Please do not drive inside the gate.

3.How to enter the room

4.Check-in Procedures

When you enter the room, please fill in the customer card on the round table.
We have a zipper case on the table, so please put the accommodation tax.
In addition, guests who pay locally are required to put the accommodation fee in the same zipper case.

We have put important information from the hotel in a black file.
Please read it as soon as possible after entering the room.

【Things to keep in mind】
◎There is a house next door to the hotel. In order not to cause inconvenience, please do not allow fireworks or outdoor BBQ until 21 o’clock.
◎ BBQ using bonfires and charcoal is strictly prohibited indoors and under the eaves to prevent fires.
◎ When using fire, be sure to prepare a digester or a bucket of water nearby.
The hearth is dedicated to for grilling yamame. Please refrain from using it for BBQ.

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