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Kojio Firefly Festival 2024 | Ukiha Event Information

In the Kojio area, which is called the “Firefly Village,” tens of thousands of fireflies fly around in the early summer.
The “Kojio Firefly Festival” is held at this time.

Date and time: Friday, May 31, 2024 – Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 6 p.m.

During the period, local people will set up stalls in each area, and viewing spots will be created with ingenuity such as bamboo lights.

Viewing spots: 13 places

* Please see the map below for viewing spots. There is a sign with the same number at the spot.
* Fireflies start flying around 20 o’clock. You can’t see it on rainy days.

In addition, there will be stalls by local residents.

Nakazaki Community Center 中崎公民館 (MAP 6)
Hotaru Park ほたる公園(MAP 7)
Onagoo Venue 女子尾会場 (MAP 10)
Shiratuchi Venue 白土会場 (MAP 11)
Daimochi Venue 大持会場(MAP 13)

[About the parking lot] 
・The former Kojio Elementary School ground is open as a parking lot. When parking, please follow the guidance of the staff.

[Request to customers who come to the festival]
・ It is expected to be crowded on the day of the event. Along the way, you will be guided by signs and signs. Also, please follow the guidance of the staff.
・Please do not throw away trash and take it home by yourself.

Kojio self-governing council

TEL: 0943-77-4835

Kojio no Akari has been awarded the Traveller Review Awards 2024.

We are pleased to announce that “Kojio no Akari” has won the “ Traveler Review Awards 2024”.
Thank you very much.
From now on, all the staff will continue to work hard to deliver a more comfortable “Stay in a mountain village in love with the scenery”.

【Notice of resumption of gift】We will give you a strawberry ice bar

In Ukiha Kojio no Akari, we will resume the gift of strawberry ice bar from July 1st.
This is a gift from our inn to our customers. Thank you for your continued patronage of Ukiha Kojio no Akari.
We will prepare ice bars for the number of people you have reserved in the freezer, so please enjoy them.

【TAGOMORI NO AKARI】Grand opening on Oct. 27, 2022 

We’ll have a grand opening on October 27, 2022.

We will start accepting reservations  on our official homepage, and Airbnb from October 27th.

To keeping customers happy in Tagomori no akari , we planed new option menus.
Those menus are as follows. 


“Glamping tent rental as a room
You can use the glamping tent as a room.Up to three people can stay  in this glamping tent.

“Food delivery service from Restaurant Riraku
Various meats [pork , beaf , chicken , game meat ] , vegetables  and onigiri
This costs are ¥3,000 [per adult], ¥1,500[per child] .

Please take a look at them!

Guidance of each accommodation reservation method

Thank you for choosing to stay with our guesthouses.

You can proceed with the reservation about each accommodations and campsites from the link of the page.

One-day limited private guesthouse “Tagomori no Akari Oyado”

One-day limited private guesthouse “Ukiha Kojio no Akari”

Satouke Tsutsuji-en Camp site

Sky site
Woods site

Water site


Satouke Tsutsuji-en Minpaku


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