Terms of Service

Terms of Service
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Terms of Service

These “Terms of Service (Rules and Prohibitions)” have been established in order to ensure that all guests using these facilities can do so comfortably and enjoyably.
Permission to use the facilities will be immediately rescinded for anyone deemed unable to adhere to these rules.
Usage fees will not be refunded in such circumstances. Please bear this in mind before making a reservation.
Any matters not covered by these Terms of Service shall be handled in accordance with the law and standard conventions.

Accommodations and crime prevention

We assume no responsibility for accidents, thefts, loss or other such incidents which may occur on the premises. Guests are asked not to leave their cash or valuables behind when going out.

Please do not use any of the facilities, equipment and materials on the premises for anything other than their intended purpose. Also, modification or alteration of the building or its facilities and equipment is strictly forbidden.

After using an appliance or other furnished item, please make sure to return it to its original location and in its original condition. Please clean the kitchen equipment and wash and return all cookware and utensils that you use, and please gather your trash and your bedding. We also ask that you do not take any appliances, furnished items or consumable supplies or materials off the premises.

Except in circumstances beyond their control, guests will be charged adequate compensation for any intentional or accidental fouling of, or damage to, the building structure, its fixtures and furnishings, and any other related items and materials. Following a guest’s departure, if anything is found to have been stolen, and it is determined that the guest is responsible for this theft, the guest will be liable for the cost of all damages incurred.

Following a guest’s departure, if an excessive amount of utilities (electricity, gas, water, etc.) consumption is discovered for which the guest is responsible, the guest will be liable for the cost of his or her utilities consumption.

Please do not cut, pick or otherwise disturb the trees and plants on the premises.

During your stay, please sort and appropriately dispose of your trash in the waste receptacles installed on the premises.

Do not illegally dump or dispose of waste in the surrounding area.

Parking spaces are available; however, space is limited. We are not responsible for any trouble, theft, accidents or other such incidents which may occur in the parking area.

Appropriate conduct

Access to and use of these facilities is strictly prohibited to members of organized crime groups and other antisocial forces, as well as to persons connected with such members. Use of these facilities is also strictly prohibited to anyone with gratuitously exposed tattoos (whether permanent or temporary).

Due to the limit on the number of guests which the facility can accommodate, you are asked to refrain from bringing visitors onto the premises and from letting them use the facilities, equipment and furnished items. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation in such cases as when a guest allows more people to use their accommodation than were stipulated at the time the reservation was made.

Do not engage in behavior which would offend or annoy others, including local residents, (such as by carrying on loud conversations, singing karaoke, performing musical instruments or otherwise being excessively noisy) and refrain from gambling or activities offensive to public morals.

Use of the facilities while drunk or intoxicated is strictly prohibited, as this can lead to troublesome situations, such as excessive noise or fouling of, or damage to, the building structure and equipment. If such a situation is discovered, we reserve the right to cancel the offending guest’s reservation and charge him or her for compensation for damages.

Accommodation is not provided to unaccompanied minors. We ask that minors be accompanied by a parent or guardian of legal age. (However, separate consideration may be made in the case of minors for whom a “Consent for Accommodation of a Minor” form has been provided by a parent or guardian of legal age.)

Fire safety

No smoking is permitted inside the facilities. Guests may smoke outside; however, please refrain from loud conversations or other behavior which may annoy nearby residents.

Open flames are prohibited on the premises (this includes the building structure and the wooden deck space). The use of gas stoves, charcoal, firewood, solid fuels and other such materials to produce fire is prohibited.

Take appropriate care with regard to sources of fire while you are out and while you are sleeping.

Bonfires and firework rockets (including bottle rockets, firecrackers and other such noisemakers) are prohibited due to close proximity to forests and agricultural fields.

Use of handheld fireworks is permitted; however, you must have a bucket for extinguishing them, must clean up afterwards, and must finish by 8:00 p.m.

Noise pollution

This facility is located in a rural mountain village area. Because it is extremely quiet here at night, guests are asked to take care not to annoy the surrounding residents.

As a rule, sound systems, speakers, generators and percussion instruments are prohibited on the premises because of the annoyance that their use will cause the surrounding residents. If you are planning an event or other occasion for which any of the above items is required, please consult with us first.

Prohibited items

The following items are prohibited on the premises. We also ask that, regardless of whether it is listed below, you do not bring an extremely large amount of goods onto the premises.

  • Animals, including birds and reptiles but excluding assistance dogs for disabled persons.
  • Anything which is particularly malodorous.
  • Combustibles, such as gunpowder or volatile oils, or anything which is highly flammable.
  • Firearms, swords, knives, drugs or anything else which it is not lawful to possess.

Our guests include some who may have pet allergies or other difficulties. For hygienic reasons, therefore, we do not allow animals on the premises, excepting assistance dogs for disabled persons.


abundant nature which surrounds the premises, insects can and do get inside the facilities. Please bear this in mind before making a reservation.

Staff will enter the room after checkout time in order to perform cleaning. Staff also walk around the premises in order to help deter crime and perform maintenance and inspection of the facilities. Please bear this in mind before making a reservation.

Please refrain from using for unauthorized commercial purposes any photographs or videos you take inside the facilities.

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